BP has announced that from 28th June, the company will be offering a BP biodiesel blend to Christchurch retail customers at BP Connect Hoon Hay.

The new product will be trialled for a six month period, with a potential rollout planned for other sites around the country, should it prove popular with customers.

BP has partnered with local Christchurch Company, Biodiesel New Zealand to produce BP biodiesel blend. The product is a blend of normal mineral diesel and up to 5% biodiesel, the maximum amount of biodiesel allowed in a blend under current New Zealand legislation.

The biodiesel component is sourced from Biodiesel New Zealand and is produced from locally grown Canola oilseed and premium used cooking oil.

“BP is delighted to be offering our new BP biodiesel blend as a choice for our customers. It’s our way of helping move towards more sustainable fuel options,” BP managing director, Matt Elliott said.

“We’re also pleased to be supporting a local Christchurch company, using crops grown here in Canterbury,” added Elliott.

Other benefits of biofuels include lower carbon emissions, less reliance on fossil fuels and cleaner air.

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