You can forget about sensible stereotypes associated with the handful of diesel autos sold in the U.S. when looking at the UK-made Trident Iceni Grand Tourer.

It goes “nearly” 200 mph – or possibly more depending on tuning – and can still deliver 68.9 mpg – that is, you get either peak mpg /or peak mph, obviously – not both at the same time, but the 2-seater costing a bit more than a fully spec’d Tesla Model S electric sedan is meant to be compelling.

Trident will build the Iceni to order in Norfolk, starting at £75,000 (around $119,000). And though it has an engine that could make a 4X4 truck driver green with envy, it actually makes a few concessions toward being potentially green, as it will run also on mineral diesel, biodiesel, palm oil or linseed oil.

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