Biofuels blending in gasoline and diesel products will be reaching as high as 20-percent over the medium term, an industry plan presented by the Department of Energy (DoE) showed.

For ethanol, the hike to a 20-percent mix to gasoline products will happen by 2020 or at least 8 years from the current planning period. This is seen to stay until year 2030, according to DOE documents.

For coco methyl ester (CME) as a blend to diesel products being retailed at the pumps, the near-term increase to 5.0-percent is programmed around 2015. The next round of hikes in the blend will be in 2020 at 10-percent and 2025 at 20-percent.

Players in the biodiesel industry, however, are seeking for an earlier implementation of the 5-percent blend, prospectively by 2013.  Current volumes, they said, can meet demand since producers are even exporting their surplus capacity.

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