The Arab gulf region is continuing to boost its international profile in renewable energy, the most recent initiative aims to use algae as biofuel. Lootah Biofuels in Dubai has recently inked a deal with Singapore-based AlgaOil with the ultimate goal of using algae for oil extraction. (Lootah is the company that is helping bio-power buses in Dubai). It won’t be as easy as it might sound, but in an interview withConstructionWeekOnline, alaLootah’s CEO Yousif Saeed Lootah believes that it could give a boost to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and help ensure that oil spillage is not lost for the oil rich Gulf country.

While the idea of using oil extraction to produce biodiesel from algae has been a construct seeing widespread optimism in the biofuel industry of late, using man-made ponds could be a major downside for the idea, which means using other natural resources and space for the biodiesel creation through absorbing areas that could be used for other purposes.

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