Two US east coast-based biodiesel development companies have signed an agreement to provide the national capital region (NCR) with clean burning biodiesel.

Tri-State Biodiesel subsidiary Beltway Biodiesel and DC Biofuels (DCB) will launch a combined waste vegetable oil collection from restaurants and large food service institutes. The NCR is primarily made up of Washington, Arlington and Alexandria cities.

DCB’s facility will produce 7.5 million gallons a year of ASTM D 6751-grade which will also be able to blend biodiesel with ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel at all blend levels from B2 to B20 and also supply home heating oil to area residents in winter months. The plant is scheduled to be operational later this year.

“Working with a well-established subsidiary like Beltway means we’ve developed a business model for the NCR, but it is one that can be used for other cities too,” says DCB president Wendell Jenkins.

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