Spring is in the air in the Pacific Northwest, bringing warmer temperatures, blooming plant life and a wider availability of sustainable, low-carbon fuel. Beginning March 1, SeQuential-Pacific Biodiesel, the Northwest’s longest-running commercial biodiesel producer, is returning to 99 percent biodiesel blends (B99) at its local retail outlets after offering B50 for the colder months. B99 will be available at more than 30 locations across Oregon and Washington for $3.99 a gallon.

The return to B99 marks the conclusion of SeQuential-Pacific’s winter blending period. Like all diesel fuels, biodiesel is susceptible to gelling at colder temperatures. The gel point for biodiesel is slightly higher than that of petroleum diesel, so biodiesel is often blended with higher proportions of petroleum diesel during the winter to lower the overall gel point of the fuel. To ensure customers have the best possible experience using biodiesel, SeQuential-Pacific automatically increases the blend of petroleum diesel in its product to 50 percent from November through February. This allows users to travel freely between winter climates without fear of engine problems caused by solidifying fuel.

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