Argentina has filed a new complaint against the European Union’s rules for biodiesel imports, the World Trade Organization said Wednesday.

Argentina has requested consultations with the EU, the WTO said in a statement. Argentina can seek a dispute settlement panel if the issue isn’t resolved in 60 days.

“The EU confirms that it has today received Argentina’s request for WTO consultations on a series of EU and individual member state measures relating to the promotion of the use of renewable energy. The EU will study the consultation request carefully and reply to it in due course,” EU trade spokesman John Clancy said in a statement.

Argentina is challenging measures taken by the EU and several member nations that affect the importation and marketing of Argentine biodiesel. Argentina’s complaint also takes aim at EU subsidies for its biodiesel sector.

In April, the European Commission started requiring biodiesel bought from Argentina and Indonesia to be registered, which is seen as a precursor to limiting imports.

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