McDonald’s UAE announced that Del Monte, its fresh produce supplier, recently implemented the pioneering biodiesel initiative originally campaigned across the UAE by McDonald’s in 2011 in partnership with Neutral Fuels.

A total of 20 vehicles from Del Monte’s logistics fleet are currently running on biodiesel made from McDonald’s UAE’s used vegetable cooking oil. Del Monte’s entire fleet of vehicles is expected to run on biodiesel by the end of 2013.

Oussama Naddy, General Manager at Del Monte Foods (U.A.E) FZE, said: “As McDonald’s UAE’s long time partner and supplier for the past six years, we saw this as a great opportunity to participate in what we believe is a groundbreaking initiative. We were convinced to participate thanks to the numerous benefits associated with biodiesel including the 80% reduction of carbon dioxide emission and the ease with which the conversion from regular diesel to biodiesel can be made throughout our fleet without modifying the engines.”

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