A town in the middle of the Canadian oilsands industry is embracing biodiesel as part of its plan to reduce its carbon footprint and provide fresh vegetables to the area. This article from the Edmonton Journal says Fort McMurray put in a system where one shipping container is producing biodiesel to help provide the energy for a second container used to grow the veggies.

In the midst of the carbon-heavy oilsands industry, Fort McMurray is on a mission to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by turning its garbage into energy and heat, and plans to eventually close its landfill.

It’s also a region with no local supply of fresh vegetables — that is, until Edmonton-based Sustainitech arrives with two more aquaponics units in shipping containers this fall, says CEO Joey Hundert. His company, which already uses vegetable oil to run carnival rides, won the gardening contract that’s a key part of Wood Buffalo’s new waste treatment system.

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