Portuguese biodiesel technology provider Incbio announced it has signed a contract with Biokast Energy S.A to supply an 8,000 metric ton per year (2.4 MMgy) ultrasonic biodiesel plant for installation in Tunis, Tunisia, a small country in North Africa. The plant will employ used cooking oil collected from restaurants in Tunis as feedstock.

Incbio and Biokast Energy expect the plant to be complete January 2014.

“After a long time spent in the project-planning stage to ensure the client gets the business model right, we have signed the agreement and construction has commenced, which will see Biokast becoming one of the few biodiesel producers in Tunisia,” said José Marques, CEO of Incbio. “

Securing a regular supply of used cooking oil and ensuring the plant is able to process it into high quality biodiesel is the key for Biokast’s success and now that this has been secured, we are very happy to have been selected as the technology providers.

By processing exclusively UCO, a waste material from the hospitality industry, the plant makes sense not only financially but also from a public service perspective, as it plays a very important role in the recycling industry.

By using our ultrasonic based multifeedstock technology, industrial units are able to convert a wide range of raw materials into high-quality biodiesel, exceeding the strict standards of EN14214 and ASTM D6751.”

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