The organization that represents Ontario’s grain and oilseeds farmers predicts provincial soybean growers will benefit from a newly completed biodiesel production plant in Welland Ontario.

Taking up over 16 acres, the Welland facility is the largest of its kind in Canada, and is owned and operated by Toronto based Great Lakes Biodiesel Inc (GLB). According to GLB’s website, the plant has a storage capacity of 8.5 million litres and can produce 170 million litres of fuel every year. The size of its terminal means it will have the capacity to ship 12 to 14 rail cars per day, the website says.

To make this biodiesel, the company will be source a significant portion of its feedstock from processors who use mainly Ontario grown soybeans, says Meghan Burke, Grain Farmers of Ontario’s communications coordinator. The remainder will come largely from canola.

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