Part of London’s famous red bus fleet is to be fuelled with used cooking oil, after the city yesterday launched a pilot project with Stagecoach that aims to slash emissions by 15 per cent.

The trial will see 120 buses on 10 routes around the capital operate on a blend of regular diesel and 20 per cent biodiesel.

Over the course of the year, the buses are expected to create demand for 74,000 litres of biodiesel, supplied by Argent Energy. Transport for London has helped fund the installation of a 50,000 litre storage tank at the Stagecoach Barking bus depot to allow the fuel to be blended on site.

A spokeswoman for the Mayor’s Office toldĀ BusinessGreenĀ that the switch was broadly expected to be cost neutral, because the buses do not need to be adapted to take biofuel.

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