SINGAPORE: The National Environment Agency’s (NEA) investigation into earlier incidents of individuals extracting used cooking oil from grease traps in Jurong, has revealed that the waste oil collected from the grease traps of eateries was sent for processing into biodiesel.

NEA is now investigating another similar incident in Toa Payoh that took place on March 3.

Food establishments are required to provide grease traps and maintain them regularly through licensed general waste collectors.

There is a proper system in place for the collection and disposal of waste from grease traps, with such waste being collected by the licensed operators who are equipped with vacuum trucks.

The waste is then disposed of at the water reclamation plant of national water agency, PUB.

NEA said it will take enforcement action against any unauthorised waste collectors, and any licensee who violates the conditions of the licence or illegally disposes of the waste.

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